• Internal calls: To reach any other extension on the Princeton University campus, you do not have to dial the 258 prefix; instead, dial 8 and the 4 digit extension, e.g. 8-7282. To locate another employee at the university, browse the Princeton University home site. Click on search, enter the person's name.  If you are not sure of the spelling of the person's name, you can enter several letters of the name with an asterisk immediately following, as a wild card. This method will bring up all whose names begin with the letters you entered. See the directions on the site for advanced searches.
  • External calls: To obtain an outside line, press 9 and then enter the number you are dialing.
  • Transferring calls: From an active call, press Transfer, enter the transfer recipient’s phone number, press Transfer again (before or after the party answers).
  • Conference calls: From an active call, press Conference, make a new call, press Conference again (before or after the party answers), the conference begins and the phone displays “Conference.” Repeat these steps to add more participants.

For more telephone functions, please review the manual. Problems or questions related to your phone should be directed to the ECE Purchasing office ([email protected]).