Speaker Nomination Form

The Speakers Committee will accept proposals from faculty members for proposed talks. The committee will review proposals and make selections on speakers to invite. Each proposal must have the support of at least two faculty members. This is to ensure that the talks have appeal beyond a single group.

The Department Seminar Series are scheduled on a weekly basis. Each approved department seminar will receive a budget and requires a three-week lead time for advertising. Department seminars are offered during the fall semester and the second half of the spring semester. The first half of the spring semester is devoted to faculty candidate talks.

Please check available dates at https://ee.princeton.edu/node/4196.

We schedule one seminar per week; preferably on Wednesday. Please check available dates on this page https://ee.princeton.edu/node/4196



Please enter the total amount before splitting with any co-sponsors

Please include flight, train, car mileage, parking, and Uber from/to airport
Nassau Inn costs about $190/night with breakfast
Speaker and maximum 3 students - $25pp
Speaker and 2-3 faculty members - in the past the average dinner cost was around $50pp