Stephen Y. Chou

Joseph C. Elgin Professor of Engineering
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B412 Engineering Quadrangle
  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986
  • M.A., Physics, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1982
  • B.S., Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 1978

Joseph C. Elgin Professor of Engineering
Associated Faculty in the Princeton Materials Institute (PMI)

Chou group has two primary missions: (i) explore innovative applications of nanotechnologies in information (electronics, photonics, magnetics, etc.), bioengineering, and energy (solar cells, light emitters, etc.) by combining cutting-edge nanotechnology with frontier knowledge from different disciplines; and (ii) to develop new nanofabrication technologies that will fabricate structures substantially smaller, better, and cheaper than current technology permits.

Nanotechnology offers great opportunities for significant discoveries and revolutionary innovations in broad disciplines, because many conventional theories no longer apply in nanoscale.

Chou group’s current research focus on three areas: 

  1. Nano-bioengineering (biosensing, diagnostics, and personal health)
  2. Nanophotonics (sub-wavelength optical elements (SOE) that has a working principle fundamentally different from bulk optics and enables an optical system flat and with a thickness less than paper thick), and
  3. Nanofabrication

Dr. Chou's four-decade research spans several different fields: nanotechnology (including electrical, optical, magnetic, and biological), bioengineering, and medical diagnostics. His work and inventions have significantly impacted both academia and industry, and have created new research fields and new industries and business.

Dr. Chou’s most well-known inventions  include: nanoimprint - a new paradigm in nanopatterning that has become a multi-billion dollar industry, 7 NM grate-wrap-around transistors/memories, lithographically-induced-self-assembly (LISA), single domain-patterned-media (quantized disk) - a new paradigm in magnetic data storage, new nanophotonics (e.g. sub-wavelength optics, ultra-sensitive Raman and fluorescence sensors, nanoplasmonic LEDs, and solar cells), nanochannel single DNA molecule analyzer, a new ultra-sensitive biosensor (D2PA), and a game-changing new instant mobile self-test (iMOST) platform. 

    Selected Publications
    1. F. Zang, Z. Su, L. Zhou, K. Konduru, G. Kaplan, S.Y. Chou, “Ultrasensitive Ebola virus antigen sensing via 3D nanoantenna arrays”, Advanced Materials 31 (30), 1902331 (2019).
    2. W. Ding, Y. Wang, H. Chen, and S. Y. Chou, "Plasmonic Nanocavity Organic Light-Emitting Diode with Significantly Enhanced Light Extraction, Contrast, Viewing Angle, Brightness, and Low-Glare," DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201400964, Adv. Funct. Mater. (2014).
    3. S. Y. Chou and W. Ding, "Ultrathin, high-efficiency, broad-band, omni-acceptance, organic solar cells enhanced by plasmonic cavity with sub-wavelength hole array," Optics Express 21 (1) A60–A76 (2013).
    4. L. Zhou, F. Ding, H. Chen, W. Ding, W. Zhang, S.Y. Chou, “Enhancement of immunoassay’s fluorescence and detection sensitivity using three-dimensional plasmonic nano-antenna-dots array”,  Analytical chemistry 84 (10), 4489-4495 (2012)
    5. H. Cao, Z. Yu, J. Wang, J.O. Tegenfeldt, R.H. Austin, E. Chen, W. Wu, S.Y. Chou, “Fabrication of 10 NM enclosed nanofluidic channels” Applied physics letters 81 (1), 174-176 (2002)
    6. S.Y. Chou, P.R. Krauss, P.J. Renstrom, “Imprint of sub‐25 NM vias and trenches in polymers”, Applied physics letters 67 (21), 3114-3116 (1995)

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    Honors and Awards: 

    • Member of National Academy of Engineering (2007)
    • Member of National Academy of Inventors (2013)
    • IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award (2004)
    • IEEE Nanotechnology Pioneer Award (2014)
    • Nanoimprint Pioneer Award (2015)
    • Inductee of New Jersey High Tech Hall of Fame (2004)
    • Einstein Professorship, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011)
    • Pan Wen Yuan Foundation, Outstanding Research Award (2009)
    • Packard Fellow (1991)
    • Fellow of IEEE (2000), AVS (2010), OSA (2010), ISNM (2010)
    • "Ten Emerging Technologies That Would Change World", MIT Technology Review (2003, 2007)
    • Distinguished Achievement Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers, USA (2007)
    • Nano 50 Award (Inventor) (2007)
    • IBM Faculty Development Award (1990)
    • Joseph C. Elgin Professor, Princeton University (1997)
    • McKnight-Land Grant Professor, University of Minnesota (1992)
    Research Areas
    Biological & Biomedical
    Materials & Devices