Hakan Türeci

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Graduate Studies
Office Phone
B312 Engineering Quadrangle
  • Ph.D., Yale University, 2003
  • M.S., Physics, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1996
  • B.S., Physics, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1994

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associated Faculty in the Princeton Materials Institute(PMI)

I am a theoretical physicist with interests in research problems that frequently intersect quantum optics, quantum information science, condensed matter physics, photonics, and lasers. The overarching themes in my group's research revolve around non-equilibrium collective phenomena in optical and microwave platforms. Much of our work is inspired by the possibilities offered by experimentally accessible physics in near-term devices for computing, simulation, machine learning and signal processing.

Selected Publications
  1. Flux-Based Three-Dimensional Electrodynamic Modeling Approach to Superconducting Circuits and Materials, Dzung N. Pham, Wentao Fan, Michael G. Scheer, Hakan E. Türeci, Phys. Rev. A 107, 053704 (2023).
  2. Reservoir Computing Approach to Quantum State Measurement, G. Angelatos, S. Khan, Hakan E. Türeci, Phys. Rev. X 11, 041062 (2021).
  3. Lifetime renormalization of driven weakly anharmonic superconducting qubits: II. The readout prob- lem, A. Petrescu, M. Malekakhlagh, Hakan E. Türeci, Phys. Rev. B 101, 134510 (2020).
  4. Cutoff-free Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics Moein Malekakhlagh, Alexandru Petrescu, Hakan E. Tureci Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 073601 (2017)
  5. Enhancement of Laser Power-Efficiency by Control of Spatial Hole Burning Interactions Li Ge, Omer Malik, Hakan E. Türeci Nature Photonics 8, 871 (2014)
Research Areas
Applied Physics
Quantum Engineering