Exit Information

Exit Information Form:

Please complete the Exit Information Form for our records.

Forwarding Address:

Please indicate your forwarding address to mail your W-2 (if applicable). This address should still be valid until the following February when W-2s are issued.

Keys, Transponder, Credit Card:
  • Please return your key(s) to the Executive Office. Please note that there is a $25/key fee, if you do not return the key to us.
  • If you have received a transponder for parking in North Garage/Lot 3, please return it to the Executive Office.
  • If you have a Princeton credit card, please return your Princeton credit card to the Executive Office.
  • If you have any electronic equipment (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) that needs to be returned, please contact your faculty assistant.
  • We appreciate it if you could return these items prior to your departure. If you need to drop off these items after hours, you may do so by using the Drop Box outside B210. Envelopes are provided next to it.
Mailbox, Desk, Office, Lab Space:
  • Clear your desk, office, and lab space
  • Clear your mailbox
Absence Tracking:

If you are a salaried employee, please finalize your Absence Tracking at HR Self Service.

Personal Website and E-mail:

Your e-mail account will be de-activated 30 days after leaving the university. Please see instructions regarding how to download your personal e-mail and website files to your personal computer here.

You can forward your email to your personal email while you still have access. New emails will be forwarded for one year, after which all emails will be returned to senders. You can find information regarding forwarding your e-mail here.


Important mail (not junk mail) will be forwarded to your forwarding address for three (3) months. After three months, all mail will be returned to senders. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT for us to have your forwarding address.

Change of Address:

We encourage you to log onto HR Self Service to update your address information for any forwarding mail from the University. Please complete USPS online change of address form to have your mail forwarded to your new address (moversguide.usps.com).