Poster Printing

Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a poster printing service for Princeton students and faculty. This service is done via email and is subject to staff availability. Poster printing is generally available from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM (on regular University workdays) except on Fridays. Poster will not be printed after 12:00 PM on Fridays.  Every effort will be made to get your poster printed in a timely manner.
Where do I go to get my poster printed?

From your computer. Everything is done electronically. Please fill out our online form ( I will email you to come down to my office (EQUAD B115) when it is done.

What is the maximum size poster I can print?

Currently, the maximum size poster we can print is 36” by 96”(depending on software). All Posters MUST be 36" or less in one dimension (Please note that the paper comes in a 36" roll and the printer will shrink the poster automatically to add a 1/2" border). The poster can be either landscape or portrait orientation.  Please note that if one of your dimensions is less than 36" the other dimension has to be less than 42" to fit on our trimmer.  So 40" x 30" is ok.  48" x 36" is ok.  Can't do 48" x 30".  Can't do A0.

What other software is available?

Microsoft Office Professional 2013, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, Microsoft Office Professional 2007, Adobe Acrobat XI Professional Please note: Power Point is FAR and AWAY the easiest format to print from. Just make sure that you change the slide size from letter to the actual size you want.

How much does it cost to print a poster?

$13.00 PER RUNNING FOOT (rounded up to the nearest foot). A running foot is 36 inches wide by 12 inches long. (If you print a 30"x 40" poster the cost would be $52.00. 4' times $13.00 per foot = $52.00.)

How do I pay for my poster?

We can ONLY accept chart strings for payment. We cannot accept student account numbers, cash, credit cards or checks.

How do I get my poster printed?

All poster printing is subject to staff availability. (The printer is NOT self serve and is NOT available on the network). Printing is done by online form.

I use a MAC to create the PDF or PowerPoint file?

Newer MACs can now use our print service.  

What does eeprint need from me?

Please send all poster printing requests via our online form. Any information beyond the scope of the form should be sent to (not to Radd directly).  Please do not send an email stating is it alright to print next week unless it is a whole group asking.  I usually have back up supplies all year round. The form will ask for the following:

  • Poster file
  • Chart string
  • Size you intend the poser to be
  • Researcher's name who is associated with the account
  • Date that poster is needed by

What happens if I find a mistake after my poster is printed?

You have 2 options, correct the error and reprint the poster and pay for the additional poster or use it as is. If the error was caused by the printer, it will be reprinted at no additional cost to you.

Other things that are handy to know:

If you use Origin to create graphs and charts, save them as JPG's and then drop them into your slide. Simply dropping them in as an Origin file into your power point slide will cause serious printing issues. ".PNG" graphics file WILL cause problems. Your best bet is to use "JPG's. Please make a note of what version of Power Point you use. There are some minor differences that may cause problems when you print. If you use power point 2007 or 2010, DO NOT save your poster as a 2003 power point file. This tends to cause issues with printing. It is best to save it in file format native to the version you are using. Graphs created with Prism Graph will NOT print when put into Power Point slide. They will usually print on a laser printer but will NOT print on the poster printer. It is good practice to NOT place anything (logo, box, text, fine border lines etc.) within 1/4 " of the edges of your poster. A full color background is OK. If you use special fonts that are NOT part of the standard Microsoft Office font set, be sure you use the"Embed Fonts" option in Power Point. This is accessed by clicking on Save As, Tools, Save Options, then check "Embed True Type Fonts" . This creates a much larger file, but it also includes all the fonts you used in creating your file.