Purchasing Procedures

Research, supplies, computers and instructional items are purchased through the Marketplace. Purchases must be approved by your advisor, faculty sponsor or the department.   


Instructions to place an order on Marketplace:

  • Instruction #1 for vendors with online catalog in Marketplace, such as Thorlabs.
  • Instruction #2 for vendors without online catalog in Marketplace, such as Digi-Key.
  • Instruction #3 for vendors not in Marketplace.



If you have a quote for an order, please:

  • Enter the quote# on line #1 description, before your first item (Example: Quote# 123xyz; Part 987 Red cables).
  • Email the quote to eepurch@princeton.edu (write your cart#, so we know which cart belongs to this quote).


Special requests:

If you have a special request (for example: overnight shipping), please write that on line #1, before your first item (Example: Please ship overnight; Part 987 Red cables).


Additional information:

Additional information on Prime Marketplace can be found on the Office of Finance & Treasury’s website here.