EnCharge AI reimagines computing to meet needs of cutting-edge AI
Jan. 27, 2023

“EnCharge AI’s technology, based on the work of Naveen and his graduate students, is truly innovative and potentially transformative in enabling widespread use of AI,” said Andrea Goldsmith, dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering and member of the advisory board for EnCharge AI.

Senior Aneesha Manocha receives Churchill Scholarship for science policy
Jan. 23, 2023

Aneesha Manocha, a senior who plans to model macro-energy systems, has been selected as one of this year’s two Kanders Churchill Scholars.

New antennas and microchips help electronics blur the line between science and scifi
Jan. 23, 2023

In recent years, Sengupta’s lab has designed antenna arrays that help engineers make strides toward peering through matter,

Innovative security framework wins grad student best paper award
Jan. 18, 2023

A machine learning framework that detects security vulnerabilities without the computational overhead of conventional models won the best paper award at the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Intelligent Systems and Applications, in December.

Helium’s unexpected behavior offers promising platform for qubits
Jan. 17, 2023

Helium is best known for making balloons buoyant. This second lightest and second most abundant element in the universe (after hydrogen) also has a high-tech side: It’s integral to manufacturing fiber-optic cables and semiconductors, and could be key to creating a new kind of quantum computer.

ECE senior Arielle Rivera on lighting Puerto Rico’s energy future
Jan. 12, 2023

In addition to its tragic impact on human lives, Arielle Rivera said Hurricane Maria made it clear that Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure was exceedingly frail. Consequently, Rivera arrived at Princeton in 2019 sure she wanted to work on planning a resilient energy-grid system in Puerto Rico.

Bringing museums to art lovers through virtual reality wins grad student Innovation Forum's top prize
Jan. 10, 2023

MuseumVerse, a team that includes ECE graduate student Shruti Sharma, presented a proposal to use virtual reality technology to allow small museums and cultural organizations the ability to reach worldwide audiences. The technology allows visitors to experience museums and works of art in ways that are not readily possible in typical…

Andrew Houck seeks a quieter quantum world
Jan. 9, 2023

“We are trying to preserve these incredibly weak signals and isolate them from the world,” he said. “At the same time, if we have a computer that’s completely isolated from the world, we can’t actually program it. We can’t use it.”