New first-year courses integrate foundational math and physics with modern engineering challenges
Dec. 21, 2018
Professor Andrew Houck’s calculus students had just finished grappling with a set of equations on the forces of tension and gravity when he pulled a large pendulum back to his shoulder and let it go.  
Daniel Lustig honored for developments in open-source 'memory model'
Dec. 6, 2018
Daniel Lustig, who received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton in 2015, has been awarded the inaugural Board of Directors' Award from the RISC-V Foundation, a group of engineers that hopes to increase innovation in computer processors through a collaborative, open-source approach to their architecture.
Graduate alumni named to 2019 class of IEEE Fellows
Nov. 29, 2018
Graduate alumni Minerva Yeung, Jill Boyce and Lin Zhong have been named IEEE Fellows, a distinction that honors "extraordinary accomplishments" across engineering.
John Thomas, mentor in engineering that led to modern information age, dies at 93
Nov. 26, 2018
John B. Thomas, a pioneer in the field of information theory who mentored generations of leaders, including two deans of engineering at Princeton and a founder of the internet, died Sept. 13 in Hanover, New Hampshire. He was 93 years old.
Open Senior and Junior Faculty Searches in Princeton Electrical Engineering
Nov. 14, 2018
Tenured Faculty Position

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University seeks outstanding applicants for a tenured appointment at the Associate or Full Professor level, effective as early as September 1, 2019.  The search is open to candidates specializing in areas…

Chip ramps up artificial intelligence systems' performance
Oct. 26, 2018

By Adam Hadhazy

Princeton researchers, in collaboration with Analog Devices Inc., have fabricated a chip that markedly boosts the performance and efficiency of neural networks — computer algorithms modeled on the workings of the human brain.

In a series of tests, the Princeton chip performed tens to hundreds of times better…

Four graduate students receive awards to continue research
Oct. 24, 2018

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has granted Excellence Awards to four graduate students in electrical engineering.

The awards honor those graduate students, in their fourth year or later, who have performed remarkably in their coursework, teaching and research. A one-time grant of $2,000 goes to each recipient in order to…

'Focused Research Team' launches interdisciplinary robotics initiative
Oct. 24, 2018

by Steven Schultz, Office of Engineering Communications

In an initiative to boost collaborations on subjects too new to fit into existing departments and centers, the School of Engineering and Applied Science has created a program to fund small, cross-disciplinary groups of…

Three Graduate Students receive Yan Huo *94 Fellowship in 2018
Oct. 22, 2018

Xiaoliang Dai, advised by Prof.  Niraj Jha Akshay Krishna, advised by Prof. Ravin Bhatt Edwin Yoonjang Chung, advised by Prof. Mansour Shayegan and Dr. Loren Pfeiffer

Air Force awards Yuxin Chen for 'taming nonconvexivity'
Sept. 27, 2018

Yuxin Chen, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has been awarded a three-year grant by the Air Force Young Investigators Research Program (YIP).

The award comes for Chen's work in an area of mathematical research known as nonconvex optimization, notoriously difficult due to the…

Raj wins graduate student fellowship from DOE to study lithium ion batteries
Sept. 17, 2018

Abhi Raj, a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as one of 47 recipients of a fellowship from the Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program. The awards support doctoral-thesis research and allow students to work…

Markakis, a junior, honored at Opening Exercises
Sept. 10, 2018

This year’s George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Prize is shared by Markos Markakis and Grace Sommers. The prize is awarded each year to members of the junior class in recognition of exceptional academic achievement during sophomore year.
Markakis, of Thessaloniki, Greece, attended the…