Ten ECE faculty commended for outstanding teaching

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Feb. 23, 2022

Ten ECE professors and lecturers received a commendation for outstanding teaching from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The commendations cover teaching during the fall 2021 semester. Commendations are determined by course ratings by students.

The following professors and lecturers received a commendation:

Minjie Chen
ECE 581 "Principles of Power Electronics"

Nathalie de Leon
ECE 547 "Selected Topics in Solid-State Electronics: Quantum Material Spectroscopy"

Yasaman Ghasempour
ECE 538 "Special Topics in Information Sciences and Systems: Advanced Wireless Systems"

Jason Lee
ECE 538B "Special Topics in Information Sciences and Systems: Theory of Deep Weakly Supervised Learning"

Paul Prucnal
ECE 558 "Photonics and Lightwave Communications"

Peter Ramadge
ECE 535 "Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition"

Kaushik Sengupta
ECE 519 "Seminar in Information Sciences and Systems"

Hakan Türeci
ECE 351 "Foundations of Modern Optics"

Hossein Valavi
ECE 115 "Introduction to Computing: Programming Autonomous Vehicles"

Gerard Wysocki
ECE 550 "Laser Spectroscopy: New Technologies and Applications"