Sharad Malik named Outstanding Researcher by Intel

Written by
Scott Lyon
April 3, 2019

Chair of electrical engineering Sharad Malik has received the Outstanding Researcher Award from Intel Labs, one of four such awards that honor major innovations in emerging technologies.

Malik, the George Van Ness Lothrop Professor in Engineering, was recognized for his pioneering work in the security verification of industrial-scale computing systems. The award cites Malik's work in the mathematical modeling of specialized hardware components known as accelerators, and the use of these models in proving security properties. The models, called Instruction-Level Abstraction, generalize traditional architecture for programmable processors and formalize accelerators' behavior. The work enables rigorous hardware and software analysis and leads to reduced security risks in applications ranging from smart phones to large data centers.

The other recipients of the 2018 award were Fred Chong of the University of Chicago; Ruonan Han of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Diego Klabjan of Northwestern University. The awards were announced by Intel on March 29, 2019.