HackPrinceton draws over 500 students

Nov. 19, 2013

HackPrinceton, the semiannual hackathon hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club, was held November 8 - 10, 2013.  It drew over 500 Princeton and non-University students who spent 48 hours creating a hardware or software project of their choice. There were also presentations on a range of subjects from open-source licensing to web development, as well as lectures by HuffingtonPost Chief Technology Officer John Pavley and Director of Center for Information Technology Policy Edward Felten.  HackPrinceton awarded prizes to hardware and software hacks separately, along with a number of sponsored prizes.  EE undergraduate students Michael Iberkleid Szainrok'15, Adam Klosowiak'15 and Maksimilian Shatkhin'15 won first place in the hardware division with Dorm Control, a hack that combined hardware and software expertise. Dorm Control was a power strip where each individual outlet could be switched on and off from a phone, giving users remote control of the appliances in their dorm rooms.  Watch the video of the HackaThon.