Graduate commencement celebrates the "profound impact" of students' work

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
June 3, 2024

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering held its graduate commencement ceremony on Monday, May 27, 2024, celebrating the 28 doctoral students and 16 master’s students who earned graduate degrees over the past year. The ceremony featured an invited speaker, 2023 Turing Award winner Avi Wigderson, a graduate alumnus, and the presentation of the department’s annual graduate student awards.

Jim Sturm and Avi Wigderson holding a plaque.

Department chair James Sturm, left, honoring the graduate commencement speaker and graduate alumnus Avi Wigderson, right. Photo by Tori Repp/Fotobuddy 

Surround yourself with good people, and commit yourself to the community through service, said Wigderson, who has mentored more than a hundred mathematicians over the past four decades. Wigderson, the Herbert H. Maass Professor in the Institute for Advanced Study’s School of Mathematics, earned his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1983 in what was then the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Lila Rodgers won the Bede Liu Best Dissertation Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Rodgers’s work has “had a profound impact on quantum information science,” according to Andrew Houck, the Anthony H.P. Lee '79 P11 P14 Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Rodgers focused mainly on understanding diamond surfaces to improve quantum sensors, according to her adviser Nathalie de Leon, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. She also led a team that developed a new way to design superconducting quantum circuits for use in quantum computing, work that has "changed the shape of our field," according to Houck. Rodgers previously won the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton's highest honor for graduate students.

Ruiyi Shen won the Pramod Subramanyan *17 Early Career Graduate Award, recognizing his outstanding academic and research performance during the first two years of the graduate program. With his adviser Yasaman Ghasempour, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, Shen has already published three papers, including one at a top wireless communications conference, with three more papers under review. His work focuses on how high-frequency signals scatter when they interact with complex surfaces.

Graduates smile and hug.

Anjali Premkumar, left, who earned her Ph.D. in the 2023–2024 academic year, celebrated the day by hugging her fellow graduates. Photo by Tori Repp/Fotobuddy

Graduate Degree Recipients for Academic Year 2023-2024


Eric Blow
Adviser: Paul Prucnal
Thesis: Microwave Photonic Interference Cancellation: RF Analysis, III-V and Silicon Integration, Development of Balanced and Hybrid Architectures

Jacob Bryon
Adviser: Andrew Houck 
Thesis: Exploring Fundamentals of Circuit Quantumelectrodynamics Using Fluxonium

Pengning Chao
Adviser: Alejandro Rodriguez
Thesis: Probing Fundamental Performance Limits in Photonics Design

Grigory Chirkov
Adviser: David Wentzlaff 
Thesis: Challenges and Opportunities in the Future Multi-Chiplet Architectures

Andres Correa Hernandez
Adviser: Claire Gmachl 
Thesis: Machine Learning for Quantum Cascade Laser Design and Optimization

Youssef Elasser
Adviser: Minjie Chen
Thesis: Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Circuits and magnetics Co-Design for Vertical Power Delivery

Christopher Lee Grimm
Adviser: Naveen Verma
Thesis: Training Deep Neural networks with In-Memory Computing

William Brady Gunnarsson
Adviser: Barry Rand
Thesis: Toward Injection Lasing in Halide Perovskite Semiconductors

Kai-Chieh Hsu
Adviser: Jaime Fernández Fisac 
Thesis: Scaling Systematic Safety for Learning-Enabled Robot Autonomy

Junnan Hu
Adviser: Barry Rand
Thesis: Understanding the Instability Associated with Perovskite Photovoltaics: Intrinsic, Processing and Operational

Paul Jackson
Adviser: David Wentzlaff
Thesis: Utilizing Subword Serialization and Parallelism to Design Efficient High-Performance Processors

Aditi Jha
Adviser: Jonathan Pillow
Thesis: Inferring Latent Factors and States Underlying Behavior and Neural Dynamics

Sara Kacmoli
Adviser: Claire Gmachl
Thesis: Quantum Cascade Ring Laser Systems

Stephan Dohyun Kim
Adviser: Nai Phuan Ong
Thesis: A Study on Interacting Condensates in Superconducting Topological Materials

Jinseok Lee
Adviser: Naveen Verma
Thesis: Design and Analysis of Energy-efficient and High-precision Capacitor-based SRAM Analog In-memory Computing Macros

Sulin Liu
Adviser: Peter Ramadge and Ryan Adams
Thesis: Scalable and Interpretable Learning with Probabilistic Models for Knowledge Discovery

Salim Ourari
Adviser: Jeffrey Thompson
Thesis: Telecom Band Quantum Memory in the Solid-State Towards Quantum Repeater Networks

Charles Link Patrick
Adviser: Gerard Wysocki
Thesis: Magneto-Optical Enhancement for Spectroscopic Methods: High-Finesse Cavity Spectroscopy

Anjali Premkumar
Adviser: Andrew Houck
Thesis: Hamiltonian and Materials Engineering for Superconducting Qubit Lifetime Enhancement

Lila Rodgers
Adviser: Nathalie de Leon
Thesis: Engineering Highly Coherent Qubits by Correlating Surface Spectroscopy with Quantum Measurement

Michael Soskind
Adviser: Gerard Wysocki
Thesis: Remote Spectroscopic Detection and 3D Localization of Trace-Gases

Prerit Terway
Adviser: Niraj Jha
Thesis: AI Framework for Improved System Design and Explainable Decisions

Pranav Thekke Madathil
Adviser: Mansour Shayegan
Thesis: Localization and Interaction in Ultra-High-Quality Two-Dimensional Electron Systems

Shikhar Tuli
Adviser: Niraj Jha
Thesis: Enhancing Deep Neural Networks in Diverse Resource-Constrained Hardware Settings

Yue Xing
Adviser: Sharad Malik
Thesis: Enabling SoC Verification through Instruction-Level Hardware Models

Zhixing Xu
Adviser: Sharad Malik
Thesis: Hardware-Supported Computer Security - Detection, Diagnosis and Defense

Yu Zeng
Adviser: Sharad Malik
Thesis: Automatic Generation of Hardware Abstractions from Register-Transfer Level (RTL) Designs

Weipeng Zhang
Adviser: Paul Prucnal
Thesis: Photonic Blind Interference Cancellation

Master of Science in Engineering

Haoyuan Cai
Adviser: Jaime Fernández Fisac

Angela Mehta
Adviser: Gerard Wysocki

Ronak Parikh
Adviser: Maria Apostolaki

Hao Tang
Adviser: Kaushik Sengupta

Andy Zhang
Adviser: Tian-Ming Fu

Master of Engineering

Jacob Beyer
Ariel Blumenberg
Thomas Bosancic
Edoardo Miguel Curto Correia Contente
Benjamin Finch
Alkin Kaz
Vikash Modi
Meet Patel
Isabella Racioppi
Dylan Tran
Jae Yoon