Fleischer and Gmachl recipients of IP Accelerator Fund

Feb. 7, 2017

Prof. Claire Gmachl and Prof. Jason Fleischer are recipients of IP Accelerator Fund.  The University's Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund provides up to $100,000 per project to be spent on additional proof-of-concept research, prototype development or other activities aimed at expanding the potential for innovation.
Researchers led by Prof. Gmachl, have developed a laser-based system that measures blood glucose levels through the skin, without requiring a painful prick to draw blood. The system, which shines a pulsed, mid-infrared quantum cascade laser on an individual's wrist or finger, has been tested on patients with diabetes with promising results.
Prof. Fleischer and graduate student Jen-Tang Lu are enhancing X-ray images using a technique that relies purely on post-image processing, so it does not require changes to the X-ray machinery or to technicians' techniques. Instead, the technology provides automated image enhancements based on models of physiology, machine learning and the use of a proprietary database of information that is specific to the part of the body and the type of image. The database draws on information provided by physicians and radiologists.  More details can be found here.

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