Fellowship recipients to power advances in healthcare, security and cloud computing

Written by
Scott Lyon
Nov. 8, 2019

Three graduate students in electrical engineering received the annual Yan Huo Fellowship, supporting their research into technology for e-commerce, healthcare, security and high-performance computing.

The Yan Huo Fellowship, established in 2015, supports 60 percent of a student's tuition and stipend for one year. Students are eligible for nomination once they have completed their general exams.

The 2019-2020 Fellows are:

Arjun Nitin Bhagoji

Bhagoji studies the security of machine-learning systems, with a particular focus on adversarial and distributed learning. His recent work exposed new vulnerabilities in distributed learning algorithms, which can be skewed in the training process by adversaries. He was a recipient of the 2018 Siemens FutureMakers Fellowship in Machine Learning, a 2018 SEAS Award for Excellence and a finalist for the 2017 Bell Labs Prize. Bhagoji is a Ph.D. candidate in his fifth year, advised by Prateek Mittal.

Fei Gao

Gao's work looks at the future of computer architecture for large systems like data centers and cloud computers. In particular, he is researching methods for parallel computing, including a focus on in-memory processing to achieve real-time data analysis. Gao is a Ph.D. candidate in his third year, advised by David Wentzlaff.

Hongxu Yin

Yin works on making highly efficient neural networks. His research has helped speed up artificial intelligence applications in the healthcare and e-commerce industries, both at the cloud level and at the level of the end user, known as edge devices. In 2019 he was an intern at NVIDIA Research, working on the learning and perception research team. Yin is a Ph.D. candidate in his fifth year, advised by Niraj Jha.