Chiang and Prucnal inventions awarded support from Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund

Friday, Jan 23, 2015

Princeton’s Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund has awarded support to five inventions with the potential for societal benefit and commercial applications.  Among them are inventions by two EE Professors. 
Prof. Mung Chiang leads the project on secure and reliable cloud storage.  A new solution called "CYRUS (Client-defined privacY-protected Reliable cloUd Storage)" offers a way for individuals to use cloud storage while maintaining privacy and reliability.  CYRUS integrates multiple cloud storage systems from different providers, ensuring that files are recoverable if one or more cloud fails, and that no single storage provider can release the stored information when hacked.
Prof. Paul Prucnal and his team are developing a technology that could make high-speed Internet access as widely available as cellphone service by enabling data transmission in a vastly underused region of the spectrum, the millimeter-wave regime. The technology, called a photonic beamformer, uses light in the form of guided laser beams to generate and steer millimeter-wave signals through a wireless communication channel to transfer large amounts of wireless data to users.  More details can be found here