Air Force awards Yuxin Chen for 'taming nonconvexivity'

Sept. 27, 2018

Yuxin Chen, assistant professor of electrical engineering, has been awarded a three-year grant by the Air Force Young Investigators Research Program (YIP).

The award comes for Chen's work in an area of mathematical research known as nonconvex optimization, notoriously difficult due to the complexity of the problems and the potential for finding misleading solutions or no solutions at all. This work has particularly strong implications for the future of data science and the field of economics.

A total of 31 scientists and engineers were awarded grants from the YIP this year, covering a wide range of topics that address priorities for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. A grand total of $13.9 million was granted. The full press release from the Air Force details each proposal in this year's cohort.

Chen was appointed in electrical engineering in February, 2017. He is also an associated faculty member in computer science.

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