Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021
Princeton researchers have developed a method to foil eavesdroppers by building security into the physical nature of wireless transmissions. The signal is clear for the intended recipient but not for others.
Friday, Nov 19, 2021
Ten interdisciplinary research projects have won funding from Princeton University’s Schmidt DataX Fund, with the goal of spreading and deepening the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning across campus to accelerate discovery. Three of these projects are led by faculty in electrical and computer engineering.
Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021
Andrew Houck, a global leader in quantum engineering, has been elected a fellow of the American Physical Society. Houck's election recognizes pathbreaking contributions to quantum information processing and experimental systems that plumb the depths of quantum physics.
Friday, Nov 5, 2021
Princeton researchers have created the world's purest sample of gallium arsenide, a semiconductor used in devices that power such technologies as cell phones and satellites. The finished chip, a square about the width of a pencil eraser, allowed the team to probe deep into the very nature of electrons.
Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021
Princeton researchers have developed a new type of phased array antenna based on large-area electronics technology, which could enable many uses of emerging 5G and 6G wireless networks.
Monday, Oct 18, 2021
The pilot program run by Princeton Engineering and Intel Corporation introduced talented young scientists from underrepresented backgrounds to some of the most exciting challenges in computer security and privacy research.
Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

The Biden administration has appointed Andrea Goldsmith, dean of Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science, to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Thursday, Sep 16, 2021
Postdoctoral researcher Suresh Venkatesh has been awarded a Mistletoe Research Fellowship, granting him unrestricted funding and participation in a startup collaboration program that encourages development of products with social and humanitarian impact.
Wednesday, Sep 8, 2021
A widely publicized study that revealed privacy concerns in TV streaming devices, spearheaded by ECE graduate student Hooman Mohajeri Moghaddam, was named runner up for the Caspar Bowden Award at the 2021 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium.
Tuesday, Sep 7, 2021

The ECE faculty recognized outstanding graduate student leadership, in the classroom and in service to the community, at the Department's annual welcome breakfast on Friday, September 3.

Four graduate students, nominated by faculty, were honored for their assistantship in instruction (AI), in courses that ranged from graduate level...

Thursday, Sep 2, 2021
Princeton researchers have joined an $25 million NSF-funded effort to develop large-scale quantum simulators, seeking a detailed blueprint for building quantum computing applications. The NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation, announced on September 2, brings together computer scientists, engineers and physicists from...
Friday, Aug 20, 2021
The Optical Society has honored two ECE graduate students for their presentations at the 2021 Optical Sensing and Sensors Congress. Jie Liu won the student paper award in Optics and Photonics for Sensing the Environment; Michael Soskind was a finalist in the same category.
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