Prateek Mittal wins ACM Grace Hopper Award for enhancing internet privacy and security
June 18, 2024

Prateek Mittal has received the 2023 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award — one of the most prestigious in computing research — for developing a robust method for preserving internet privacy and security.

TANGO gives paired networks better performance when they dance to their own tune
June 17, 2024

Princeton researchers have created a tool that allows small networks such as businesses and universities to improve the performance and privacy of their internet traffic.

Graduate commencement celebrates the "profound impact" of students' work
June 3, 2024

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering held its graduate commencement ceremony on Monday, May 27, 2024, celebrating the 28 doctoral students and 16 master’s students who earned graduate degrees over the past year. The ceremony featured an invited speaker, 2023 Turing Award winner Avi Wigderson, a graduate alumnus, and the presentation of the department’s annual graduate student awards.

On Class Day, professors encourage resilience in the face of the unexpected
May 28, 2024

"Life is full of the unexpected," said James Sturm, chair and Stephen R. Forrest Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He said he was most proud of the graduates in those moments they had to build on their coursework to solve unanticipated problems. "You had to figure it out on your own and learn from each other." 

Yasaman Ghasempour receives junior faculty award for excellence in research and teaching
May 20, 2024

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has honored wireless communications expert Yasaman Ghasempour for early-career excellence in research and teaching. She is one of three recipients of the E. Lawrence Keyes, Jr./Emerson Electric Co. Faculty Advancement Award and one of seven assistant professors to receive a junior faculty award this…

Claire Gmachl recognized by Princeton Engineering for outstanding mentoring
May 16, 2024

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has honored Claire Gmachl with an award for excellence in mentoring. This annual award was created in 2023 by the engineering school to recognize faculty for some of their most important work beyond research and teaching.

Claire Gmachl is the Eugene Higgins…

Schmidt funding awarded to enhance robot safety through photonic computing
May 9, 2024

A project that combines robotics and light-based computer circuits to create safe self-driving vehicles has been selected for funding through Princeton’s Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund.

Led by Paul Prucnal, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and…

ECE senior Vinay Konuru is uniting the next generation of energy leaders
May 9, 2024

After a coast-to-coast bike trip ended in an accident near Death Valley National Park, Vinay Konuru found himself with a broken collarbone and an unexpected amount of free time.

Recuperating at his home in Florida in the summer before his sophomore year at Princeton, Konuru picked up every book he could get his hands on.

One book,…

Grad student team wins Qualcomm fellowship to make sub-THz communication more resilient
May 6, 2024

Robert Chen and Atsutse Kludze will receive a one-year Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship that includes mentoring from a Qualcomm engineer and $100,000 in funding to help them realize their research goals. They are one of 16 teams across North America to receive the fellowship this year.

Drone-assisted lasers pinpoint harmful gas leaks, attracting NSF funding
April 16, 2024

The project, led by Gerard Wysocki, an expert in laser-based spectroscopic systems, will improve the environmental monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and toxic air pollution around cities or industrial facilities and provide new tools for rapidly assessing disaster sites, such as…

Grad alum Avi Wigderson wins Turing Award for groundbreaking insights in computer science
April 11, 2024

The Turing Award is considered the highest honor in computer science, often called the “Nobel Prize of Computing.”

Wigderson, the Herbert H. Maass Professor in the Institute for Advanced Study’s School of Mathematics, earned his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1983 in what was then the Department of…

Can language models read the genome? This one decoded mRNA to make better vaccines.
April 8, 2024

That code contains instructions for all of life’s functions and follows rules not unlike those that govern human languages. Each sequence in a genome adheres to an intricate grammar and syntax, the structures that give rise to meaning. Just as changing a few words can radically alter the impact of a sentence, small variations in a biological…