Goldsmith, pioneer in mobile technology, named to National Inventors Hall of Fame
Feb. 22, 2024

Goldsmith, dean of Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was recognized for her pioneering work in wireless communications and information theory. In…

Machine learning expert Chi Jin named Sloan Research Fellow
Feb. 21, 2024

The Arthur P. Sloan Foundation has named Chi Jin a 2024 Sloan Research Fellow, recognizing his expertise and leadership in machine learning.

Wentzlaff and Wysocki promoted to full professor
Feb. 16, 2024

Wentzlaff, a computer architecture expert, studies a range of issues that impact the future of computing. His research explores what computer architectures will look like after the end of Moore’s Law,…

Quantum engineering expert Stephen Lyon wins Schowalter Award
Feb. 1, 2024

Lyon, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, focuses on harnessing quantum mechanical effects for information processing, with a special focus on the use of silicon and helium as a quantum computing platform. By coating silicon chips with superfluid helium (cooled to near…

Yasaman Ghasempour named Air Force young investigator
Jan. 10, 2024

Ghasempour, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, was one of 48 researchers selected for the program this…

Yan Huo *94 Fellowship drives research in wireless communication, quantum technology and solar energy
Dec. 22, 2023

Atsutse Kludze focuses on high-speed and efficient system architectures for future communication and sensing networks, especially within the millimeter wave and sub-terahertz frequency range. His work applies electromagnetic and wireless communication theory to experimental evaluation and prototyping. He is also a Semiconductor Research…

IEEE bestows top honors on three pioneering Princeton engineers
Dec. 8, 2023

The organization recognized Andrea Goldsmith, dean of engineering and applied science, for her broad contributions to engineering education; Jennifer Rexford, Princeton’s provost, for developing critical computer networking systems; and Robert Kahn, alumnus, for inventing the internet’s founding technologies.

Prescient research to enable energy-efficient microarchitectures stands the Test of Time
Nov. 29, 2023

A microarchitecture technique first developed by Princeton researchers in 2002 has won the MICRO Test of Time Award from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGMICRO community, highlighting the researchers’ prescient insights about the realities of power consumption in high-performance computing.

ECE graduate student selected to investigate the future of offshore wind in New Jersey
Oct. 25, 2023

Mian Liao will work on a new grid forming power inverter architecture and ML-based impedance analysis method to enhance stability in offshore wind systems.

Illuminating errors creates a new paradigm for quantum computing
Oct. 11, 2023

A new design has made error-prone quantum computers up to ten times easier to correct, breaking one of the key log jams in the field. Led by Jeff Thompson, the team demonstrated a way to identify and eliminate errors as they occur in real time, using subtle manipulations of atomic energy levels. This is a new direction for research into quantum computing hardware, which more often seeks to lower the probability of an error occurring in the first place.

Taking aim at food waste, new high-frequency wireless system wins best paper at top mobile conference
Oct. 5, 2023

Researchers from Princeton and Microsoft have developed a technology that scans fruit on a conveyor belt and assesses its ripeness by sensing sugar and dry matter content. It is one of the first systems to use sub-terahertz frequencies for smart-food sensing. It could help reduce billions of dollars in food waste. The research won Best Paper at the 2023 MobiCom conference on mobile computing and networking.

Semiconductor expert Loren Pfeiffer wins ‘Innovator’ award for pioneering work on ultra-pure materials
Oct. 3, 2023

Pfeiffer, a senior research scholar in electrical and computer engineering, focuses on developing the world's highest-quality systems of charge carriers in gallium arsenide (GaAs). Molecular beam epitaxy…