Mail & Deliveries

  • Faculty and staff mailboxes are located in room B204. Outgoing mailboxes are also located in room B-204. Campus mail is delivered daily, normally by 11am. USPS mail is delivered daily, normally by 2pm. Outgoing business mail left in the bin by noon will be posted the same day.
  • Research staff, graduate and undergraduate student mailboxes are located in the 3rd Floor hallway (C&F wings). Only work related mail should be delivered to the E-Quad. Personal mail should be delivered to your home address. Mail will be forwarded one time with a reminder to please update your address.All mail will be returned to sender after it is forwarded once, no exceptions. Our address is a bulk mail address therefore you cannot file a forwarding order with the USPS.
  • Packages that are too large to fit in your mailbox will be delivered to the Purchasing Office (B317B). You will receive an email notification when your package arrives. It is your responsibility to pick the package up in a timely manner. The Department accepts no liability for personal deliveries. It is expected that personal deliveries will not impede business activity in the mailroom. Please take advantage of electronic delivery notification features provided by shippers.
  • Outgoing shipments may be sent using any one of the department’s carriers. Shipments may be processed via eShip Global within the Prime Portal ( is a UPS store on Nassau Street and the Princeton post office is located around the corner on Nassau Street.


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