Technology, Systems, and Policy Challenges towards Future Hydrogen and Power Markets: Photocatalysis for Hydrogen Storage, Power System Trade-offs, and Green Hydrogen Policy

May 4, 2022, 1:00 pm2:30 pm
EQUAD J401 & Zoom Mtg See abstract for link
Event Description

The current transformation of the global energy economy towards a more sustainable, low-carbon society is dependent on the collective and coordinated advancements in technology, systems design, and policy and markets. These three tiers of systemic and economic energy advancement are highly interrelated; however, the technical expertise in each is largely separate. This talk presents three technical studies in hydrogen and power systems across each of these tiers, including improvements made in 1) photocatalysis for hydrogen storage, 2) power system model design, and 3) understanding renewable hydrogen market uncertainty and policy design. This presentation emphasizes current challenges the clean energy transition faces and how multi-disciplinary knowledge flow is essential to engineer solutions at the pace required to mean global climate goals.

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