Revisiting Old Abstractions to Design for The Future (Virtual)

Mar 25, 2020, 4:30 pm5:30 pm



Event Description


Computing systems are required to achieve continued performance growth with a focus on security and privacy while increasing energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, we need to revisit old abstractions that exist between applications, system software, and hardware. These old abstractions have enabled independent development and optimizations within each layer. However, to achieve performance and energy efficiency required by future applications, computing systems need to unlock new opportunities for optimizations.

The approach I am pursuing to unlock these opportunities is creative cross-layer mechanisms. Such mechanisms allow flexibility across various layers to re-design them cohesively and effectively with optimizations not available when these layers were designed in isolation. In this talk, I will use two examples of cross-layer mechanisms in the area of memory virtualization. These two examples will serve as evidence for using such an approach to enable breakthroughs of the future.


Jayneel Gandhi is a research scientist at VMware Research. He is interested in securely virtualizing and easing the adoption of heterogeneous accelerators and emerging memory technologies by introducing useful operating system abstractions and efficient memory system architectures. Three of his research papers have been selected as the IEEE MICRO Top Pick of the year. Additionally, his research led to many open-source projects being used by academia and industry.

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