New tools for quantum science in Yb Rydberg atom arrays

Dec 15, 2021, 2:00 pm2:00 pm



Event Description
Neutral atoms trapped in optical tweezer arrays are now a leading platform for quan­ tum computation and simulation. Prior to this work, this platform had been developed experimentally with alkali atoms. Here we show that Ytterbium, a divalent alkaline­ earth­like atom, has several useful properties that enable improvements to such experi­ ments. In particular, we demonstrate a high­fidelity imaging scheme using Ytterbium’s narrow intercombination line, a method to trap Rydberg atoms using the polarizability of the Yb ion core, and a strategy for locally addressed gate operations with minimal photon scattering using optical transitions in the core. We also perform novel spec­ troscopy of Yb Rydberg states and outline the technical details required to implement these experiments with Yb. As an outlook, we demonstrate magic­wavelength narrow­ line imaging of 171Yb atoms and control of the I = 1/2 nuclear spin qubit in 171Yb, suggesting a path forward for neutral atom quantum computing with Ytterbium.