New frontiers in quantum simulation and computation with neutral atom arrays

Feb 22, 2022, 4:00 pm4:00 pm
101 Friend Center



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Learning how to create, study, and manipulate highly entangled states of matter is key to understanding exotic phenomena in condensed matter and high energy physics, as well as to the development of useful quantum computers. In this talk, I will discuss recent experiments where we demonstrated the realization of a quantum spin liquid phase using Rydberg atoms on frustrated lattices and a new architecture based on the coherent transport of entangled atoms through a 2D array. Combining these results with novel technical tools on atom array platforms could open a broad range of possibilities for the exploration of entangled matter, with powerful applications in quantum simulation and information.

Giulia Semeghini is an experimental physicist with expertise in atomic physics, quantum optics, and quantum information. Her main scientific interests are the investigation of complex quantum many-body phases and the development of efficient protocols for quantum information processing using neutral atom platforms. She is currently an MPHQ postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University in the group of Mikhail Lukin, where she helped develop the second generation of atom array platform with hundreds of Rydberg atoms in two-dimensional arrays and worked on several projects on quantum simulation and computation. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Florence, where she worked on Bose-Einstein condensates with tunable interactions to study complex quantum phenomena such as Anderson localization and quantum droplets.

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