EdgeTran: Co-designing Transformers for Efficient Inference on Mobile Edge Platforms

Pre-FPO Presentation
Apr 20, 2023, 9:00 am11:00 am
EQUAD A210 Lapidus Lounge



Event Description

Automated design of efficient transformer models has recently attracted significant attention from industry and academia. However, most works only focus on certain metrics while searching for the best-performing transformer architecture. Furthermore, running traditional, complex, and large transformer models on low-compute edge platforms is a challenging problem. In this work, we propose a framework, called ProTran, to profile the hardware performance measures for a design space of transformer architectures and a diverse set of edge devices. We use this profiler in conjunction with the proposed co-design technique to obtain the best-performing models that have high accuracy on the given task and minimize latency, energy consumption, and peak power draw to enable edge deployment. We refer to our framework for co-optimizing accuracy and hardware performance measures as EdgeTran. It searches for the best transformer model and edge device pair. Finally, we propose GPTran, a multi-stage block-level grow-and-prune post-processing step that further improves accuracy in a hardware-aware manner. The obtained transformer model is 2.8x smaller and has a 0.8% higher GLUE score than the baseline (BERT-Base). Inference with it on the selected edge device enables 15.0% lower latency, 10.0x lower energy, and 10.8x lower peak power draw compared to an off-the-shelf GPU.


Adviser: Niraj Jha