Declaring a Concentration in ECE

Professor Claire Gmachl looks on as her undergraduate students present a poster

Deciding on a concentration is one of the most important decisions an undergraduate makes. That's why we make every effort to provide transparent information about the expectations, curriculum and culture of the department.

At any time, students can call or email Jean Bausmith, undergraduate program coordinator, with questions large or small. For academic consultations, students should contact the appropriate adviser listed below. We are available to help guide you to make an informed, confident decision about your future.

Detailed steps to declare a concentration in electrical and computer engineering are below. First, we recommend students familiarize themselves with the contents of this website.


Virtual Open House

This year the director of undergraduate studies, Professor James Sturm, hosted two virtual open house sessions via video conference. Both sessions featured senior Joe Zhang and junior Trisha Madhavan, current electrical and computer engineering concentrators, and Jean Bausmith, the undergraduate program coordinator, answering questions from curious first-year students. Below find video recordings of those two sessions.


Virtual Open House I — April 2, 2020


Virtual Open House II — April 9, 2020

Steps to Declare

1.  Late March

Pre-Concentration Form
Complete the Pre-Concentration Advising Form on the TigerHub website. Click on the Academic Planning Form (APF) to access the Pre-Concentration Advising Form.

2.  Early April

Course Offerings
View the Fall 2020 electrical and computer engineering courses on the Registrar’s Course Offerings site.

3.  Mid April

Advising Period
This is your academic advising period. You will be able to meet with a faculty adviser during this time. Adviser assignments will be announced prior to the advising period.

4.  Late April

Select Courses
It is now time to select courses for the fall semester. First-year students will be able to enroll in courses from April  27, 2020 at 7:30 a.m. to April 29, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. 

5.  Early May

Declare your Concentration. BSE first-year students indicate their concentration on TigerHub.


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