3D Printing

3D printing is for ELE undergrades, graduates and researchers.  Undergrades will not be charged for prints needed for their ELE course work.
What is the material used?

The main material used is ASA or ABS plastic.  The support material is a water soluble plastic (SR-30XL).

What machine are you using?

A Status System uPrint SE (ABS) or F120 (ASA).

What software should I use?

We recommend using CREO (the software that MAE uses).  It can be found on the Princeton Virtual Desktop (if you have permission).  Also on many of the computers in eeLAB (F110).

CREO seems complicated, is there a tutorial?

All ECE undergrads have automatic access to the tutorials.  Other ECE members just need to ask.  (Request for access to G.R.E.A.T. Lab)

Where can I find these tutorials?

It's on the bottom of the home page of your BlackBoard site.  You might have seen G.R.E.A.T. Lab listed in your groups.
Glenn & Radds' Engineering Application Tutorials

What file format do you need?

STL, which most CAD programs can produce.  Be careful of freeware and some other programs.  Their STL files can lie to us.  Let's say you make a part that is 70mm long.  Your CAD software might send us a STL that is 7cm long.  No big deal, but STL files don't have units.  It only sends "7".  The printer knows that 7 is too small and interprets the file as 7 inches.  That's why the online form ask for an approximate size.

When I create the STL file it ask me for "chord length" and "angle", do I just use the default settings?

No, set them both to zero and the program will give you the smallest settings possible.  This will make holes and circles rounder.  The default settings are designed to make the file smaller.  This is not needed.

What size can I print?

The build volume is 6" x 8"x 6" (uPrint) & 10" x 10" x 10" (F120), but this also includes the support material.

How do I send you the file(s)?

An online form is how to send the file(s).  Please send each part as it's own STL file.  If more than files are needed, just send a second form in.

How much does this cost?  NOTE: Right now we charge the same for ABS and ASA printing.

$12 for each plate (usually multiple STLs will fit on one plate).
$5.42 / cubic inch for the ABS plastic.
$5.42 / cubic inch for the support material.

NOTE: Prices are for the uPrint.  At this time we are charging the same for the F120.